Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace works to bring about a viable peace agreement. We will place the option of a political resolution at the top of the public agenda, as it is the only outcome that offers life and hope. A new and different reality in the Middle East is feasible, and we must strive for it.

About the movement

Peace is not an utopia ; It is the necessary foundation for the lives of the two peoples in this place, in security and freedom.

In The Movement

zomet ein yahav by alex livak

Our movement works throughout the country to raise awareness and engage the public in a discussion about the feasibility of a political resolution. It creates opportunities for dialogue with individuals and groups through formal and informal meetings within the community. The movement also organizes national events, such as demonstrations and protests, in order to pressure decision makers to work toward reaching a viable peace agreement.

    • WHY WOMEN AND WHY NOW? \ Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum, member of Women Wage Peace a two-part answer written about 10 months after the 2014 Gaza War/Operation Protective Edge An urgent need for different language. Beginning in the 1980s, conversations about moral development began to change dramatically thanks to psychologist Carol Gilligan. If you’re wondering just how significant this change really could have been, consider that by the mid-1990’s, Time Magazine ...
    • angela yantian ICJW

    Featured Event

    100,000 memebers campaign

    100,000 memebers campaign

    “Campaign 100,000” has been launched; the goal is to have 100,000 registered members by this coming summer, our 3 year anniversary. We believe that with 100,000 women (men are also invited!), the public agenda will change, the leadership will change and the Middle East will change. more …

    News and Updates

    To all of our Muslim friends – Ramadan Kareem!!
    Trump believes that it is possible to achieve peace;
    therefore he’s sent his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his special advisor,
    Jason Greenblatt to the Middle East. We, Women Wage Peace,
    believe that he is right and we are not stopping until there is an agreement.