Women Wage Peace for a viable peace agreement.

Women Wage Peace is a broad grassroots movement, which has tens of thousands of members from the right, the center and the left of the political spectrum, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, from the center of the country and the periphery, women from kibbutzim and from settlements, all of whom are united in a demand for a mutually binding non-violent accord, agreeable to both sides

Join us - women and men across the political spectrum,

and the change will happen this year!

Peace is not an utopia ; It is the necessary foundation for the lives of the two peoples in this place, in security and freedom.

In The Movement

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Our movement works throughout the country to raise awareness and engage the public in a discussion about the feasibility of a political resolution. It creates opportunities for dialogue with individuals and groups through formal and informal meetings within the community. The movement also organizes national events, such as demonstrations and protests, in order to pressure decision makers to work toward reaching a viable peace agreement.

    • Knesset Lobby
    • La Lobby del movimento Women Wage Peace alla Knesset – Economia per la Pace / Shazarahel, kabbaland Il movimento Women Wage Peace ha una Lobby in Parlamento. Ieri, 29 gennaio 2018, una delegazione del Movimento Women Wage Peace, del quale faccio attivamente parte, ha presentato un progetto di Economia per la Pace e la Sicurezza davanti a diversi parlamentari che sono intervenuti a turno: Isaac Herzog, Rav Yehuda Glick, Tzipi Livni, Amir Peretz, ed altri. http://kabbaland.com/MLH/la-lobby-del-movimento-women-wage-peace-alla-knesset-economia-la-pace/  

    Featured Event

    Women Wage Peace in solidarity with the residents of the South

    Women Wage Peace in solidarity with the residents of the South

    It is impossible to go on like this! more …

    News and Updates

    Yesterday afternoon we arrived at the Dangur Memorial in Gaza vicinity and took part in the Planting of Hope organized by KKL-JNF, the Eshkol Youth Center and the Negev Preparatory program. We arrived from all over the country and met our friends and sisters from Gaza vicinity and the South. We came to hug them and tell that we support them and their families with whatever they need.
    The event was attended by residents of the region, by past and present IDF officers, by Knesset members and others. All of them share a hope for a regional restfulness that would lead to a quiet life and prosperity for the South. It is clear to all of us that a secure future requires a political agreement and we’re not stopping until there’s an agreement!