Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace works to bring about a viable peace agreement. We will place the option of a political resolution at the top of the public agenda, as it is the only outcome that offers life and hope. A new and different reality in the Middle East is feasible, and we must strive for it.

About the movement

Peace is not an utopia ; It is the necessary foundation for the lives of the two peoples in this place, in security and freedom.

In The Movement

Preventing the next war

Our movement works throughout the country to raise awareness and engage the public in a discussion about the feasibility of a political resolution. It creates opportunities for dialogue with individuals and groups through formal and informal meetings within the community. The movement also organizes national events, such as demonstrations and protests, in order to pressure decision makers to work toward reaching a viable peace agreement.

    • Marie Lyne Smadja
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    100,000 members campaign

    100,000 memebers campaign

    “Campaign 100,000” has been launched; the goal is to have 100,000 registered members by this coming summer, our 3 year anniversary. We believe that with 100,000 women (men are also invited!), the public agenda will change, the leadership will change and the Middle East will change. more …

    News and Updates

    Since the publication of the State Comptroller’s report on
    Operation Protective Edge which stated that the cabinet
    did not consider any alternatives besides war,
    WWP have been standing near the Ministry of Defense demanding
    that political alternatives be considered in order
    to prevent the next war. Join us!
    Call Galit :052 839 0991
    One’s heart breaks to hear the voices of the bereaved
    families yesterday in the Knesset committee meeting
    about the State Comptroller’s Report; representatives of
    WWP were also present at this meeting. It is crucial for all of us,
    including Knesset members and public leaders to listen to the families.
    Michal Kesten Keidar, the widow of Lt.-Colonel Dolev Keidar, z”l
    said : “These families are speaking for the bereaved families of the next war”.
    The women of WWP have been working with determination
    since Operation Protective Edge ; we demand that our
    leaders promote a political agreement – the only way
    to stop the cycle of bloodshed and to bring hope, security and peace.
    The Minister of Finance, Moshe Kahlon ,
    initiated a meeting with WWP in order to get to know us better.
    He expressed support and said: “You are doing the right thing.
    It’s good that you reflect diverse attitudes from the right,
    center and left. Who would have believed that women
    would get us out of Lebanon?” He added that at this
    time he believes in the importance of economic
    and social peace between us and the Palestinians.
    Our representatives at this meeting: Saviona Rotlevi,
    Daniella Hermon, Amira Zaidan and Marie- Lyne Smadja