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Women Wage Peace is a broad-based grassroots movement founded after the Gaza War of 2014 (Operation Protective Edge) and counts among its thousands of members women fromthepoliticalRight, Center, and Left, Jewish and Arab women, religious and secular women –all of us united in our demand for a political agreement to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Today we are over 24,000 registered members and about Facebook 40,000 followers. We hold dozens of parlor meetings every month; stand in crossroads all over Israel every week; we are working on a peace quilt, with “pieces of peace” arriving from all over the world; and more and more activities all over Israel, from the north to the south. 

On October 2016 and on Sept-October 2017 we marched, thousands of women from all across the land, in demand of a political agreement

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On January 2017 we entered the Knesset (our parliament) in a special launching event of the Lobby of Women for Peace and Security.

We plan to keep up our grassroots work alongside with our work with Knesset members and we will not stop until there’s a political peaceful agreement to the conflict.

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