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Women Wage Peace is a broad grassroots movement, the largest in the country, that was founded in the summer of 2014 following Operation Protective Edge. The movement has tens of thousands of members from the right, the center and the left of the political spectrum, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, from the center of the country and the periphery, women from kibbutzim and from settlements, all of whom are united in a demand for a mutually binding non-violent accord, agreeable to both sides. Members of the movement from all over the country initiate and organize diverse and creative activities on a regional and national level within the framework of 50 regional teams and 12 professional national teams: Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Communication, Digital, Government Engagement, Reaching out to Palestinian and International Women, Projects, Diversity, Budget, Training, National Coordinators, and Logistics.


We wage peace every day: We have organized hundreds of parlor meetings and discussion groups as well as hundreds of screenings of the movie about the successful struggle of Liberian women for peace; we stood at intersections throughout the country; we organized events for the holidays (Kindling the Hope for Hanukah, Planting Seeds of Peace for Tu B’shvat); we organize exhibits on the subject of peace; we participate in panel discussions, conferences and lectures at the universities.

We also Wage Peace with mass events: in 2014 we launched the movement with a train ride to Sderot – 1000 women dressed in white participated; in 2015, 3000 women surrounded the Knesset demanding a peace initiative; a year after Operation Protective Edge we set up a tent outside the Prime Minister’s residence for 50 days where hundreds of women fasted and thousands came to demonstrate their support; in 2016 we held our March of Hope in which 30,000 women and men, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs from all over the country marched over a period of two weeks from the North to Jerusalem; at the same time there were many solidarity events  throughout the world. Afterwards we stood opposite the Knesset for two months demanding the promotion of a political agreement. In January 2017 we launched the Women’s Caucus for Peace and Security at the Knesset. During Passover 2017, our Peace Train with 1,000 women rode to Beit Shean; in May 2017, in honor of president Trump’s visit to Israel we created a human sign: Ready for Peace; in October 2017 we held our Journey to Peace – a two week journey from the four corners of the country with tens of thousands of participants.


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