In Israel, Fighting For Women’s Political Representation / By Josie Glausiusz, 8.6.17, Forward

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot may be the Israeli superhero du jour, but radical empowerment is far from reality for many Israeli women. Out of 256 municipal councils in Israel, just six are headed by a woman mayor. Overall, a mere 15 percent of municipal council members are women, and dozens of councils have no women members at all.

Thon-Ashkenazy, a lawyer specializing in gender discrimination, was speaking in May in Tel Aviv at the Herczeg Seminar for Jewish Education, organized by the International Council for Jewish Women (ICJW) and attended by 70 women community leaders from sixteen countries. At a session entitled, “How Can Women Affect the Peace Process?” she and her fellow speakers (Roni Keidar of Other Voice for a Civilian Solution to the Conflict, and Angela Yantian of Women Wage Peace) argued that listening to the voices of diverse women in Israel—Arab, ultra-Orthodox, Ethiopian and others—is vital for a peaceful, just, and civil society to thrive.



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