Mission Statement

Who we are 

A movement of Women of diverse political religious, ethnic, social and geographic background – a grassroots movement which is growing rapidly and has 24,000 supporters in Israel and 33,000 foreign based supporters. The movement was born out of  deep despair and cynicism which followed our most recent war in Gaza (Operation Protective Edge 2014), in order to rekindle hope in a viable future for our region.

Our Goal

To reach an honourable and bilaterally acceptable political agreement of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict which is to be reached by 2018.

Our Objectives

(1)  To grow our numbers through diversity by reaching out to religious and secular women; Jews and Arabs; right, center, and left-wing voters; immigrant and native-born residents from all corners of the country, as well as moderate settler women.
(2)  To pressure the Israeli government to to prioritize the reaching of an agreement.
(3) To increase the number of women in all aspects of negotiation as mandated by UN Security Council resolution 1325 to which Israel was the first signatory in 2005.

Our Major actions so far

(1) Peace-train launch in November 2014.
(2) Over 300 movie screenings of Pray the Devil Back to Hell.
(3) Election patrols prior to the March 2015 national elections.
(4) Alternative speech to Netanyahu’s before the American Congress) and march to the Knesset in March 2015.
(5) Rallying in public places, events, and parlor meetings to promote our message of hope.
(6) 50-day shared fast outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Jul-Aug ’15 to
mark the previous summer’s 50-day war with Gaza and attend to the endless cycle of war.
(7) Piece-for-Peace/Quilt Activism – now an international project.
(8) The March of Hope in October 2016, uniting women throughout the country, region, and world in the conviction that despair is not an option and that only a political agreement will bring true security to our region.