Women Wage Peace

We are a grassroots movement with tens of thousands of members from the right, center and left of the political spectrum, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, united in the demand for a mutually binding non-violent accord between Israelis and Palestinian.

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Peace is not a utopia; it is the necessary foundation for the lives of the two people in this place, in security and freedom.

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Our movement works throughout the country to raise awareness and engage the public in a discussion about the feasibility of a political resolution. It creates opportunities for dialogue with individuals and groups through formal and informal meetings within the community. The movement also organizes national events, such as demonstrations and protests, in order to pressure decision makers to work toward reaching a viable peace agreement.

    • WWP reaction to the Deal of the Century
    • WWP reaction to the Deal of the Century The Deal of the Century certainly raises the issue of the Israel-Palestinian conflict to the public agenda, after years of saying that it is impossible to make progress and that our generation will not see an agreement. The American plan is different in its outlook from previous plans to resolve the conflict. We in Women ...
    • Spettacolo teatrale a Roma che trae ispirazione dal  movimento civile pacifista Women Wage Peace / Associazione MASC, Marzo 2020

    Featured Event

    Drive in Peace

    Drive in Peace

    Join us on the first Thursday of every month, in one of dozen intersections where we are going to wave signs which call for a political agreement! more …