A future for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding / Ned Lazarus, BICOM, July 2017

A landmark new study commissioned by BICOM finds that grassroots Israeli-Palestinian peace building projects work and are a vital missing ingredient in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It was written by Ned Lazarus, a Professor at George Washington University and expert on peacebuilding in Israel and the West Bank.

The report sets out clear recommendations for practitioners and funders looking to help build the conditions for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

The key findings of the report are:

  • – Policy makers should learn the lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process.
  • – Peacebuilding creates peacebuilders and constituencies for peace.
  • – Peacebuilding changes attitudes.
  • – Peacebuilding creates trust and empathy between the two peoples.
  • – Peacebuilding projects change policy.
  • – Sustained follow up is vital for success.
  • – UK should join, and contribute significantly, to an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

The report reviews several civil society initiatives for peace and social change, among which is Women Wage Peace movement. The report indicates that WWP offers hope amid hopelessness, and reviews it’s activities.

Read the full report on BICOM website.