A law to prevent the next war? / Patricia Golan, Jerusalem Post-Jerusalet Report, August 3rd

“Women Wage Peace launches ‘Political Alternatives First’ legislation

The comptroller’s conclusions regarding the cabinet’s decision-making processes before and during the operation were ex-tremely damning, charging that there had been no discussion before the fighting to determine Israel’s objectives and policy vis-à-vis Gaza. Furthermore, “the complete rejection of alternatives in the diplomat-ic realm, without their being presented to the cabinet, prevented the cabinet members from considering these alternatives and dis-cussing their chances and their risks,” the
report stated…….
When members of WWP read the comp-troller’s report that political alternatives to the 2014 war had not even been discussed, they were horrified. “In other words, we embarked on this battle, this confrontation that was in the making before our eyes for five years, without first considering wheth-er it was possible to do something else. How could we ignore such conclusions?” Tami Yakira and Yael Admi, the two women who drew up the proposed law, explained in an op-ed published last year.
“For so many years life and death deci-sions have been made without a unifying, thought-through process. We wanted to find a law that would solve these difficulties and