a woman waging peace, Dr. Warda Sada-Gerges

Warda Sada prefers the idea of shared existence over co-existence within this small country. “Co-existence is suitable for neighbors who don’t share a common life as we Arabs and Jews do here. I believe that only peace among ourselves and with our neighbors will bring shalom bayit traditionally translated as domestic harmony] which itself is a condition for any successful society.” Warda brings her deep belief in personal, familial, and societal peace as the very foundation of democracy to all she does, including her involvement with Women Wage Peace and a host of other peace and shared society initiatives. She is also active in “The Compass,” a program for non-violent communication, and a member of the Civil Authority for Social Justice and Governmental Integrity, while working to promote community-compatible education.

With undergraduate and master’s degrees in chemistry from the Hebrew University, Warda turned to the field of leadership in education for her doctorate, serving on the faculty of Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva. Today she believes that a values-driven education must take precedence over a scientifically-driven one that lacks a human-centered core. “Enlightened language and social discourse are necessary for building a nonviolent society. The use of such language prevents violent behavior, so I am in favor of investing resources in building an educational program from birth to eight years that is mainly about building the child’s personality, enriching the language of discourse.”

 WWP coordinator Anat Negev along the ramparts of the Old City at the human chain event organized by WWP and Tag Meir:United Against Racism during the violence of this past May.