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Women Wage Peace was founded in the summer of 2014 in the aftermath of
Operation Protective Edge.
WWP is the largest grassroots movement in Israel whose purpose is to promote
a political agreement to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Today the
movement has more than 40,000 members.


The movement has 2 main goals:

  1. To promote a political agreement as a strategic solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict
    The aim of the movement is to bring about the resolution of the Israeli Palestinian
    conflict by means of an honorable, non-violent and mutually acceptable agreement. We know that conflicts end with an agreement and we know that this is possible with the Israeli- Palestinian conflict as well.
  2. 2. To include women in all aspects of decision making as mandated by UN
    Resolution 1325 – This resolution recognizes the fact that women are a key to promoting
    sustainable peace processes and ending violent conflict; therefore it is obligatory
    to include women in all aspects of decision making especially regarding issues of
    peace and security.
  3. The movement is not affiliated with any political party and its members include
    women from diverse communities within Israeli society: right, center and left;
    religious and secular; Jews, Arabs, Druze and Bedouin; young women and older
    women; women from the center of the country and from the periphery. The
    movement does not support any one particular solution to the conflict.
    The movement is composed of thousands of volunteers, organized within a
    framework of both regional teams, as well as professional, national teams,
    dealing with Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Communication, Digital,
    Government Engagement, Reaching out to Palestinian and International Women,
    Projects, Diversity, Budget, Training, National Coordinators, and Logistics.

  5. During the four years of activity, we have held many events throughout the country with the
    participation of thousands of citizens. We hold parlor meetings and discussion groups; we
    screen a movie about the successful struggle of Liberian women for peace; we stand at
    intersections throughout the country; we participate in panel discussions and conferences; we
    are in touch with Knesset members and other public figures and we participate in discussions
    at Knesset committee meetings.

  7. In November, 2014 we launched the movement with a train ride to Sderot with 1000 women;
    in the winter of 2015, 3000 women surrounded the Knesset demanding a peace initiative;
    during the summer of 2015 ,a year after Operation Protective Edge, we set up a tent outside
    the Prime Minister’s residence for 50 days where hundreds of women fasted and thousands
    came to demonstrate their support; in the summer 2016 we held our March of Hope in which
    30,000 women and men, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs from all over the country
    marched over a period of two weeks from the North to Jerusalem; at the same time there
    were many solidarity events throughout the world. At the initiative of WWP, Knesset members
    established the Women’s Caucus for Peace and Security at the Knesset. In May, 2017
    during President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel we created a human poster, Ready for Peace, and in October 2017 we held our Journey to Peace, a two week journey throughout the
  8. In 2018, during the summer session of the Knesset, we set up the Mothers’ Tent opposite
    the Knesset where we hosted Knesset members and public figures; we held regional events
    at Givat Olga and Ramat Gan to encourage public discourse. On September 20th, 2018, The
    International Day of Peace, we organized a mass event in which thousands marched in
    Jerusalem from Jaffa Gate to Independence Park and then gathered together for a very
    moving rally and mass singing.
  9. With the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, we proposed a bill, “Political
    Alternatives First,” that will obligate those in power, on a routine basis and in times of
    emergency, to consider political options for resolving the conflict, to allocate time, funds and
    manpower in order to examine political alternatives. “Political Alternatives First” is supported
    by many experts and public figures.
    In November 2018 we will hold The International Congress of Women Wage Peace:
    Removing Barriers to Peace in the Middle East.


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