Drive in Peace

Join us on the first Thursday of every month, in one of dozen intersections where we are going to wave signs which call for a political agreement!
From the centre and the peripheries – women are going to take their fate in their hands and demand a solution in a loud and clear voice.
There is another way, and we are determined to walk it and we will not stop until a political agreement is reached!
In addition to standing at the intersections all over the country, we will also stand opposite 3 main television networks.

We need each and every one of you.
For only an hour and a half: 16.30 – 18.00
Near your home. A small effort which will provide enormous visibility!
For details call 050-594327 or follow our update (In Hebrew)

Coming dates: On Thursday, 2/4/20  We will stand of our porches and back yards and will call for Peace, Democracy and Equality  for all:

Click for the list of intersections in Hebrew:

Intersections map:

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