Join our Election Task Force around the country

Our Election Task Force has been in Hadera, Holon, Tel Aviv, Tel Yitzhak, Kiryat Ono, Evron, Ein Nekuba and more!

We met with many candidates who already recognize us – the women in white shirts and turquoise scarves; they know what we expect to hear and what our goals are.

*Tzipi Livni said clearly that a political agreement is central to her agenda, as is making sure that women are in key leadership roles.
*At the opening conference of Kulanu, nothing specific was said yet about major issues.
*Knesset member Orly Levy Abekasis said that at this stage she is not saying anything about political issues, but asked her advisers to look at the law “Political Alternatives First”and promised to meet with our representatives.
*Ofer Shelach already knows us from the 2015 elections and from our weekly visits to the Knesset.
*We were happy to meet the new candidate from Yesh Atid, Sigal Moran.
*Knesset member Stav Shafir also knows us and met with us many times; she supports the goals of WWP.

“I’m a resident of Gush Etzion and I want peace; two of my daughters participate in activities of “Shorashim”, an organization which promotes dialogue between Jews and Palestinians in Gush Etzion.” These are the words of Moshe Kinley Tor-Paz, a candidate for the Knesset from the Yesh Atid party. He added: ”We have been living side by side for years and we must discuss the nature of a future political agreement. ”Tor-Paz claims that perhaps it’s difficult to find a partner on the other side, but also on our side it’s hard to find people who are committed to reaching an agreement. Tor-Paz spoke at a parlor meeting in Modi’in.

election force with pnina tamano shataOur Elections Task Force participated in the opening of Minister Tzachi Hanegbi’s campaign in Petach Tikva. Last November Hanegbi participated in the WWP Congress that focused on removing barriers to peace; there he expressed support for our goals.

We were also at a meeting in Gan Shmuel with Avi Dabush , a candidate for Meretz and with Pnina Tamna Shata (Yesh Atid) in Raanana. Tamna Shata complimented WWP for being everywhere!

Our Elections Task Force is running around the country and you’re welcome to join us !

****If you’d like to join the Election Task Force, write us and we’ll be happy to include you in our activities.

You’ll be able to help us be everywhere all the time, to challenge the candidates and remind them that a political agreement and a resolution to the conflict must be major issues in the election campaign.

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