ELECTIONS 2020 PEAK EVENT – Peace Car Convoy February 28th, 2020

YES for negotiations towards peace! YES for women in leadership positions. YES for peace within our own country and with our neighbors!


On the last Friday before Election Day, we will fill the roads with convoys from all over the country – from the South, the North and the East.

Our message for the 23rd Knesset: YES!

The only way to bring peace is through a mutually accepted agreement.
Convoy from the South: Western Negev ,the region near Gaza, Arava, Northern Negev and the Shfela
Convoy from the North: Jordan Valley, Galilee, Carmel Coast, Northern Sharon Region
Convoy from the East: Jerusalem and the region near Latrun
Convoy from the Dan Region: meets at Cinema City
11:00 – meeting of all the convoys at Cinema City Glilot; Opening ceremony
Afterwards the convoys will ride together to Shefayim
Conclusion: at around 2:30 PM
Additional info and registration for your nearest convoy: