Women Standing Shoulder to Shoulder / by Bernice Lewak Zohn With the help of Darylle Levenbach, Esra Magasine, no. 200

I am standing at the Shilat intersection in Modiin. I am part of a group of sometimes as many as 10 women, all wearing white and turquoise clothing – white for peace, turquoise because it is a color which is a blend of the blue from the Israeli flag and the green from the Palestinian flag. I am a Jewish, Anglo woman, born and grew up in South Africa. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Israeli women and Israeli Palestinian women.

We have brought a loudspeaker and recorder with us so that all passers-by will hear songs of peace, sung in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

We hand out sweets to passers-by and postcards which bear the name of our movement: Women Wage Peace – in English, Arabic & Hebrew.

We are also willing to talk to whosoever stops to question us about our movement.

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