Hannah Lia Dgani – a Woman waging Peace

I’m Hannah Lia Dgani, born in Argentina, now a resident of Arad.

For many years I volunteered for social and political activities – organizing fundraising, running parties and candidates in national and municipal elections, participating in demonstrations , attending rallies of peace movements and initiatives, such as the movement for the change of regime method, an initiative against the deportation of refugees, and more.

I was trying to be everywhere,  contributing everything I could to make Israel a value-based state where my children and grandchildren can grow up and live in Peace.

In July 2015, my friend Eva offered me a trip to the tent of Women Wage Peace in Jerusalem. Intrigued I arrived to the tent called Protecting Edge Fast, built to commemorate one year anniversary of Protective Edge war in summer 2014. There I met women with brilliant eyes and hope and faith. Women who promote an agreement that would prevent the next war and demand that women would have a significant role in designing this agreement. I was really captured by WWP. When I returned to the tent a week later, the WWP member from my region  (south of Israel) “recruited” me to work with them in other activities. Then I have joined the group that stands once a month with big billboard at the Shoket and Arad junctions, I initiated the screening of the film about women from Liberia and other activities in the south.

In Sukkot 2016 on the last day of the “March of Hope”, I managed to bring a dozen of Arad residents to the March near Jericho and from there to the rally in Jerusalem. For me, it was an exciting and formative experience.

As the coordinator of  WWP activities in Arad, I have joined both the leading group of the movement and the Projects team, trying to maneuver between urban, regional and national activities.

Just before Sukkot 2017, I finally quit my job so that I could participate in the Journey of Peace, during which I also organized the WWP visit to Arad.

As a member of the project team, I took part in operating the “Mothers’ Tent” in Jerusalem in summer 2018, and the Mothers’ tent in Tel-Aviv in March 2019. My hours  in the tent, which became almost my second home (including quite a few  nights), allowed me to meet dozens of WWP members whom I had knew only by name, as well as many guests who visited the tent. The request to brief the WWP agenda over and over again helped me both to sharpen our message and to listen to different and varied attitudes.

No doubt I have found my place in Women Wage Peace, where have won a sense of doing for a lofty purpose. I have also won an acquaintance with smart, determined, committed and very friendly women.  All of that, in an ambience of mutual encouragement and fondness.

I do hope that when peace finally prevails, Israel will be able to direct more personal and national resources to repair any and every correction that is needed in society.

And a small anecdote: We once visited our children who were living in Central America. Our granddaughters painted what they saw around them: flowers and butterflies. At the same time, one of the military operations took place in Israel, and when we returned to see our children in Israel who lived under alarms, we noticed that our granddaughters had painted … posters to direct people to the next door shelter. May the children of Israel be able to paint only flowers and butterflies.