Meet Hyam Tannous an Arab Christian Israeli Peace Activist / Give Peace a chance, M Channel, South Africa, 11.11.2020

Hyam Tannous, WWP activist,  is an Arab Christian woman who worked as a senior supervisor in counseling and guidance therapy from 1997-2017.She has a master degree in guidance and counseling from Haifa university. She was in charge of 400 counselors in the north of Israel who worked under her guidance . She trained Jewish and Arab counselors on several subjects in psychology and therapy in order that they could help schools, teachers, parents and pupils to fulfill their maximum potentials and be in their wellness from a point of psychological awareness.
Since(2000-2016) she was head of a non-violence committee at all of the north schools (Jewish and Arabs schools) and planned several programs for schools to get better positive climates and emotional dialogues, including lectures and workshops . She gave several lectures on emotional dialogues, conflict resolution, sexual education, class consultation’ school coordination and program managing in more than 200 schools in the north.
Her love, belief, and concern both for the Palestinians, and Jewish state of Israel brought her to be an active member of promoting dialogues between the Jewish and Palestinian people including the Palestinian authority.
Several activities took place at the Golda Meir center with the assistance of the Ministry of education , 300 Palestinians women from the west bank took part in six seminars for two years in order to bring light and hope to both sides.
In 2004 she was one from the organizers ” From memory to peace” an Arab initiative to feel the pain of their neighbors where preparations and Seminars were held for 500 (Arabs, Jews, French ) who took a journey to Auschwitz concentrations camps , to go to the pain of the Jewish people , to know them better and to release both people from the hatred and the fear from each other, and to create a new reality, and to give life to the middle East( a film was made on the initiative ” היינו שם
In 2007 she was a member with a team who wrote the book “Care- full
Listening and conversations, Creating Dialogue between Members of conflicting Multi cultural groups.
The book was written with an approach to the narrative therapy, theory developed by Michel White.
She trained more than 500 hundred teachers and counselors with the narrative Therapy who trained pupils and parents at schools.
She was at 4 conferences in the world, giving lectures, workshops in the Narrative therapy.
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