Inspiration and Hope – WWP Mission to South Africa, Report and media coverage

A WWP Mission concluded a week’s visit in South Africa: Hiam Tannous, Vered Eyal Seldinger, Yasmin Rubin Cooper and Manar abu Dahal . Many meetings, hundreds of people, interviews in the local media; many hours of learning about the struggles during the period of Apartheid, how it ended and about the complex reality and the hard work that still needs to be done. Many meetings dealt with the significant role of women then and now.

Although the background of the conflict and its resolution are different, there is much to learn about the processes, barriers and success. There is a lot to think about ; there is so much inspiration and hope!
The inspiration was mutual: the various groups with which the mission met wanted to hear about the difficulties and the complexities of our conflict, about the activities of WWP and the determination to end the conflict. All the groups, from youth groups to politicians , wanted to hear that the situation in Israel, in this tiny piece of land where we live, can change and that there are those who are working towards this goal.

We know that the conflict will end here one day and that this will happen because of the hard work of determined women and men.
We would like to thank the South African Jewish Board of Deputies for inviting us, for hosting us and for the opportunity to express our views and learn.

Media Coverage


 Women can bring peace to Middle East, Yanir Grindler, Cape Argus, August 14, 2019

Radio Interview

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