It happened in Ireland and it can happen here as well!

Twenty years ago “The Good Friday Agreement “ was signed between the Protestants and Catholics. The agreement acknowledges , among other things, the suffering of both sides, the conflicts and the commitment to reach agreements democratically.
Women on both sides played an important role in promoting the agreement. They established a peace movement which set the stage for an agreement and accompanied the process in the streets, at demonstrations , at rallies and with policy statements.
The agreement ended a conflict which had lasted hundreds of years. During the 1960’s North Ireland experienced the worst kinds of violence and terrorist attacks that led to 3,500 deaths (mostly civilian), 50,000 wounded, over 20,000 prisoners, and of course, economic, social and educational damages. It seemed that the violence would go on forever.
And then, on April 10th, 1998, an agreement was signed by both sides and violence ended almost entirely. Although the disagreements remained, the agreement was accepted by both sides, and until this day decisions are made democratically. The hawkish sides, who in the past refused to negotiated, cooperate politically and continue to work hard in order to heal the wounds of the past. Today , in Ireland, there is a joint party of Catholic and Protestant women.
The children who were born after the agreement was signed know about their bloody history, but live together, study together and don’t understand what previous generations fought about.
It is security which brings about a political agreement – and it can happen here!
Join us!