The March of Hope is on its way \ Olfat Haider & Hagit Lavie

Talk at the March of Hope opening ceremony – 4.10.2016

‘Hope’ has many facets – It can be utopian as in “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,” which is always in our hearts, but does not have the power to change life. ‘Hope’ can also be practical as in ‘Don’t say – one day it will be here, bring forth the day’. This is the way we, Women Wage Peace, have chosen and have been working for over the past two years. And with this kind of hope we step towards The March of Hope, trying to shape the future.

We start our two weeks march from Rosh HaNikra to Jerusalem, in order to cross the country and influence, with our resolve, anyone who lives here, believing that it is within our power to change reality.

March of hope opening event

We refuse to surrender to scare mongering. We believe in our ability, as citizens of this country, to influence the public agenda. 200 people are marching with us. 200 people who are determined to have faith. And, along the way are those who come to support us. Each and every one of us can influence the people close to them. This way, we can turn into a great huge force whose wishes and demands would be difficult to ignore.

It is not easy to have such believes, but it happened to us. It happened following our enthusiasm, seeing the spark in the eyes of so many members of Women Wage Peace.


Because we have Hope and Hope will win the day.

Translated by Sarit Bloom