The month in women, peace and security: October 2017, Eliza Chapman, Harley Comrie, Jack Viola and Jacqueline Westermann, The strategist, 6 Nov 2017|

News summary regarding women, peace and security around the world in the Australian Strategic Policy Institute report:

  • Call for gender focus for peacekeeping positions.
  • New Women, Peace and Security Index released.
  • Israeli and Palestinian women unite to further the peace agenda.
  • Women in Chinese politics.
  • Women’s rights in West Africa.
  • Gender brief on Rohingya.
  • Road bumps for the AFP’s female-focused recruitment drive.
  • ISIS’s call to arms for women.
  • Boko Haram’s victims speak.
  • * female survivors from Kosovo war.

Read the full report and references in The Strategist.