In Israel, Jewish and Arab women call for peace – Interview with Orna Raz by Alia Chebbab, Nadja, May 2019

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most controversial conflicts of our times, and international news report it as an endless story of violence and death, with each side blaming each other. Rarely are we told the stories of solidarity and hope of the thousands of Israelis and Palestinians working together for peace.

orna raz ministry of security2

Jewish and Arab women from all walks of life and political inclinations, religious and secular, have joined forces under Women Wage Peace (WWP), a grassroots movement that promotes a non-violent, respectful, and mutually accepted solution to the conflict. It was created in the aftermath of the 2014 war in Gaza, which started when three Israeli boys were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. Then, as an act of revenge, a Palestinian boy was murdered by Jewish extremists.

“From that horrible tragedy, which should have been contained, a war broke out, and civilians and soldiers on both sides were killed for nothing” Dr. Orna Raz, a member of WWP, tells us. “That war was avoidable, and I saw how things got out of hand and no one, not one single leader, took responsibility and stopped the madness.”

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