WWP at the Negev Wildflower Festival

WWP will be at the Negev Wildflower Festival every weekend during February and at the beginning of March when the Negev is covered with a carpet of anemones. We will be there to welcome the visitors, tell them about the movement and its goals, share our message concerning the upcoming elections, encourage people to sign the petition in support of the law “Political Alternatives First”and encourage them to join WWP! Come to the Negev and sta

negev wildflower festival

nd with our members from the South and add some white and turquoise to the scarlet!

We’ll be there for the 5 Saturdays during the Festival. If there are enough women interested we will also set up our stands on Fridays.
We need a lot of volunteers. All the volunteers will receive supervision and printed material.



If you are willing to help, please call the women in charge and leave a message stating what date you are interested in helping.
Yoav Council: Shosha Viln – 050-5262492
Gaza Border: Monika Minker- 052-4269563 or Elana Olos: 054-7919950
South – Pnina Dobo: 050-7511873