Take off your clothes: How Can A Women’s Movement Get Attention? / Orna Raz, The Times of Israel blog, 8.7.17

During the war in Gaza (Operation Protective Edge), in the summer of 2014, a group of 30 women gathered in a small room in Tel Aviv and decided that something had to be done to stop the next war. That was how, on September 14th 2014, Women Wage Peace came into being.

Women Wage Peace is a non-partisan grassroots movement. Its goal is to put an end to the conflict with the Palestinians through a viable political agreement and to incorporate women in decision making positions.

You would think that in a place like Israel everyone would know about Women Wage Peace, after all it is the largest women’s movement of all time (over 23000 registered members, and almost 40000 followers on Facebook), and a simple calculation shows that almost every Israeli has a friend or relative who is a member in the movement.

But unfortunately, although in the last three years there has not been a week without many peace promoting activities (lectures, film screening, home seminars, standing in intersections, rallies, etc) sometimes it seems that Women Wage Peace is a secret society like the Freemasons.

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