A Hopeful Story for the New Year From Women Wage Peace / Orna Raz, Times of Israel, JAN. 8, 2017

2016 was not a very good year for Israel, and we have become even more isolated in the world. So when I arrived to Oxford, for an international symposium on Women’s Leadership, I was worried that as an Israeli I would not be welcome.

But the women who attended the conference from all over the world:  Italy,  Britain, Ireland, United States, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Pakistan, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kazakhstan, among others, were all gracious. And when they heard that I was active in Women Wage Peace they really warmed up to me and were especially friendly.

Although I didn’t come to Oxford to speak about Women Wage Peace, the interest in the movement convinced me that it was important to talk about our activism in Israel as an example of women’s leadership. So I asked for special permission to introduce WWP, explain its goal  and describe its latest project: The March Of Hope.


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