WWP against the absurdity of war and violence – WWP are partners for reconciliation

Women Wage Peace was born seven years ago after Operation Protective Edge, when women from all over the country, Jewish and Arab, religious and secular, felt it was impossible to carry on without a political agreement with the Palestinians.

Seven years later, in the midst of laying the groundwork for a regional, women-led peace conference, we find ourselves close to the starting point. Once again, violent conflicts between Jews and Arabs are taking place in Gaza, and within the country.

Like many of you, we, too, are close to despair. But as women who are determined to wage peace, we refuse to give up hope, or our goals, or partnership with all segments of Israeli population.

Today, more than ever, we choose to act to end violence, bloodshed, destruction and devastation. We are continuing to work for peaceful coexistence, and for entering into negotiations that will lead to a political agreement, to peace and prosperity.

This is what we’re doing:

* We’ve begun to stand in several key locations around the country, carrying signs with the names of recent military operations that have achieved absolutely nothing, thus demonstrating the absurdity of expecting military solutions to solve political and social problems.

We are planning a significant rally with both Jewish and Arab women in Jerusalem. Mindful of Eid al-Fitr and Shavuot, the rally will take place on Wednesday, May 19, right after the Muslim and Jewish holidays.