We’re Paying Attention: monitoring the Parliament

Our recently-funded legislative initiative is called Samot Lev – literally, “women are paying attention.” This project offers us a direct path to influencing Israel’s decision-makers and complements our connection to the Knesset that began in January via the new Caucus for Women, Peace, and  Security.

From now on, we’re paying attention – making sure that our leaders are examining every political option to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; making sure that their words are backed up by deeds; making sure that our own voices are heard and taken into account. A political agreement will come about when the government and the Knesset support and advance it. In order to influence our decision-makers to choose a political agreement as their preferred strategy, WWP’s Government Relations Team has established a network of women (eventually 500 in all) who are paying attention to every one of the 120 members of the Knesset. Samot Lev volunteers are forming professional and ongoing relationships with MKs by dividing into groups of 2 – 3 women who are responsible for first contact and for regular digital communication and personal meetings . It is clear to us that we can influence decision-making. We will not wait for someone else to do the work for us. And we will get answers to our question, What have you done this week to promote a diplomatic solution?