PIECE for PEACE – call for action

Piece for Peace quilt banner

Come and Join us in Creating our Peace Quilt – Piece for Peace

Women from all around the world will create together a huge patchwork quilt – PIECE for PEACE.
The quilt will serve as an artistic expression of our desire for peace in our region.
It will demonstrate, without violence and without words: Women in Israel and in Palestine want peace!
This project is organized by Women Wage Peace .

How can you participate?

Make and contribute squares that expresses a message of Peace and Hope.
The Quilt Squares: Cut a cotton fabric square, size 14” x 14” (35 x 35 cm.) Decorate inside an area of 12″ x 12″ (30 x 30 cm) it with your message of peace and hope in any technique – appliqué, embroidery, glued, beaded, with permanent pens or markers
Sign your name and country in permanent pen .or marker
Mail the finished square to
The Peace Quilt (cc: Aliza Erez) – Atzmon M.P Misgav 2017000 Israel

Please fill in the following blanks, snip out this section, and send it with your piece (or if you prefer, email the following): I am the sole owner of my quilt square and I choose to donate it to Piece for Peace, a branch of Women Wage Peace (WWP). My quilt square is entirely my design: Yes_____ No_____. If yes, I grant WWP an unrestricted license to use or repro- oduce my design for any purpose. I understand that, whenever possible, WWP will do their best to credit the maker. Signature¬-___________________________ Date__________ Email _____________________________

For more information please contact us through
Our Facebook page or by email:

See some beautiful examples