Sarah Rosenberg’s speech at the Inauguration of the Women’s Caucus for Peace and Security at the Knesset, 30.1.2017

I just heard the impassioned speech of the head my local council, and I chose to be here with you. The actual reasons are heart rendering: my son’s voice calling out from his grave has caused me to act. I believe that women can make peace. If we don’t fight among ourselves we can work towards peace. All of us are so tired of wars.

I am very moved to be here today, in this very special place, with this special group of women who are involved with HOPE. Policy, security and peace are subjects that I’m interested in but until today I supported these issues within my own small world. I formed an opinion only among my family members. My reasons for leaving this safe zone are unfortunately heart rendering. My name, my identity and the relationship with the organizers are due to my son’s murder. His voice shouts from his grave and it brought this to this point. I save my son, his image, his memory and his dreams.

Malachi had so many dreams – dreams that any mother would be proud of. Malachi was a talented and successful young man with values.  He was at the beginning of his journey and he thought he would be able to leave his impression on this world in many ways. One of his dreams was to successfully touch the internal spot within each of us – the spot where we understand how similar we are, where the same spark is lit in each of us. Malachi felt that our ability as a nation, as a society, to protect ourselves from external conflicts is dependent on our ability to maintain unity.  He often spoke to me about the need for deep unity in order to sustain our nation. Malachi knew that unity and love are not effacing or giving up of values. Joining together through peace is not compromising but rather a mutual bonding that leads to wholeness.

It is from this place that I come here wrapped in thoughts, ideas and words of unity. For some reason I feel that whenever people talk “love and peace” politics it sounds disconnected rather than down to earth.  Despite this, whatever I considered saying comes from exactly that place.  The more I thought about this I realized that if we could deal with political issues on this basis, then it is possible we could create a practical means to a better place.

I once read about the Bono monkeys who are led by the females and are characterized by a low level of tension and by rich social ties. Their lives are based on tolerance and there is hardly any violence.

The role of women is special in this journey.  Maybe only women are able, in this complex reality, to give birth to calm and peace. Our wellbeing is tied with a thin thread of kindness and compassion. If we wouldn’t fight so much among ourselves, we would have real places within to create peace with our neighbors.

I come from the world of therapy. I am a family and couple therapist, a director of a treatment center and mostly I am a wife and a mother.

In my work I want couples who come to see me to  know themselves better and to understand it is natural that there are differences between them. There is no need to think identically; one must learn to live with diversity.  Whoever learns to live close to someone else will achieve a lot.  From this analogy of family therapy I would like to mention two things.

  • Studies show that the more family members are unified and live with mutual respect, the more they are admired by those around them.
  • From my own place, I am involved only with relationships among my own people. It is clear to me that when we talk about peace and solutions, we are talking about our relationship with our Arab neighbors, but I am sure that if we were more united within and really understood that we are more alike than different, then the world around us would be more reasonable. If we believed in the great potential of unity, we would live peacefully among ourselves and with our neighbors.  In order to do this we must meet often to get to know each other and not be afraid of the differences. Maybe this sounds naïve and simple and doesn’t fit the bigger picture of achieving peace in our stormy region, but in my mind this is the real truth. We all want a dialogue of hope and not of anxiety and war. We are all tired of the battles. Whatever I’ve said today is not new; it is logical and natural. But that’s just it – we have everything we need to reach the greater goal. We just have to be more aware of it.

I believe that “if we will, it is not a dream.”

Translated from Hebrew by Sue Levinstein

נאומה של שרה רוזנפלד, שנגע עמוק ללב של כל מי שנכח באירוע השקת השדולה בכנסת "נשים למען בטחון ושלום". כך שרה התחילה את נאומה וזכתה בסוף לסטנדינג אווצ'יון: ”שמעתי את ראש המועצה שלי מתלהם כעת על הבמה ואני בחרתי להיות אתכן כאן. דווקא מתוך נסיבות קורעות בטן ולב, קולו של בני הזועק מהאדמה גורם לי לפעול כעת. מתוך המקום הזה באתי ואני מאמינה שנשים מסוגלות להוביל לשלום. אם לא נלחם בעצמנו, נוכל להתפנות לשלום. הרי כולנו עייפים ממלחמות".

‎Posted by Marie-Lyne Smadja on‎ יום שני 30 ינואר 2017