Women Wage Peace in solidarity with the residents of the South

It is impossible to go on like this! Our fields are burning, our children are repeatedly under rocket barrages and Red-Color alarms. More and more circles of violence do not bring us the peace and security awaited.
Here, from the MOTHERS’ TENT next to the Knesset, we call on our leaders: Along with the necessary security measures, turn over every stone , discuss all existing alternatives, and promote a political solution! It’s your duty, it’s your responsibility, it’s the responsibility of us all!
We call on the Palestinians women and men in Gaza and the West Bank: Call on your leaders the same demand, because it’s also your responsibility.

* Women Wage Peace in solidarity with the residents of the South*
🔹 20.6 Wednesday (today) 19:00 at the Mothers’ Tent: Bar Hefetz of Kibbutz Nirim talks about the situation in the Gaza vicinity and the demand of the western Negev to promote political solutions
🔹 24.6 Sunday 17:00 at the Mothers’ Tent: A group of residents of Gaza vicinity are arriving to a dialogue circle
🔹 25.6 Monday 16:00 at the Arugot factory in Netivot: a tour and shopping at the Arugot factory and the old market’ followed by a meeting with Netivot’s women
🔹 28.6 Thursday in Tel Gemma near Re’em: solidarity event with residents of the South (subject to approval of the security authority. Further details will follow)
🔹 2.7 Monday at 18:00 at the Mothers’ Tent: “People of the Rain” – residents of Gaza vicinity singing and telling
🔹 6.7 Friday in the South: A meeting of WWP “Centenary Team” (Internal event)
Women Wage Peace open their homes to host residents of the south who are looking for some rest. For details – Atara 052-3745693 or Orly 054-5678105. If you wish to host, please fill in the form: https://goo.gl/forms/BlGPEBe9hAV619Sb2