Stopping the annexation – media coverage

Foreign media

“Some 200 people protested at a main Tel Aviv junction on Thursday, temporarily blocking it and calling on the government to halt the partial annexation of the West Bank.”

Protesters in Tel Aviv Block Main Intersection, Rally Against West Bank Annexation, Bar Peleg, Haaretz, 19/6/20

Tali Samech, interview a francais a Radio Sol, 19/6/20

Trump Aides Begin Discussions on Israel’s West Bank Annexation Plan, Newsmax, 23/6/20

Netanyahu prepares Israel’s annexation of large slice of West Bank, By Jean Shaoul, 29 June 2020, World Socialist Website

Des voix de femmes s’élèvent : “le projet israélien d’annexer la Cisjordanie ne doit pas rester sans réponse”, 01 JUIL 2020, tv5monde

Vered Eyal-Saldinger – an interview at channel i24, July 1, 2020



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