The Mothers’ Tent


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WWP was established almost 4 years ago after Operation Protective Edge; we realized that more and more operations and wars were not bringing us any closer to peace and security. We knew that bitter conflicts in the world have been resolved and we knew that it could happen here.
Today we are tens of thousands of women, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, from the right the center and the left, from all over the country.
From Wednesday, May 9th we set up The Mothers’ Tent in the Rose Garden opposite the Knesset. We will be there throughout the summer session; we will be there in order to demand that the decision makers prevent an escalation in the coming weeks and that they seriously consider political alternatives.
Join us!
The Mothers’ Tent – starting, Wednesday , May 9th – The Rose Garden.

This week events:

Political Alternatives
Sunday, May 27th – 5 PM– Ali Abu Awad from the “Shorashim” organization will talk about the process he went through from violent opposition to working for peace.
Monday, May 28th – 5:30 PM – a discussion with Eyal Ehrlich
Tuesday, May 29th – 10:30 AM – Avi Dabush will talk about the area around Gaza and the ”Land for All” initiative.

Cinema – Inspiration and Hope
Sunday, May 27th, 7 PM – “Invictus” – a movie about Nelson Mandela followed by a discussion with Sara Sherman, who was born in South Africa.
Sunday, June 3rd , 7 PM – “Shades of Hate” screening of the movie followed by a discussion with David Mizrachi a former activist of “la Familia” who became a social activist.
Tuesday, June 5th ,5 PM – “Women in the Sink” – A collection of portraits about Arab and Jewish women in a hair salon in Haifa. After the movie there will be a discussion with the director, Iris Zaki.

Feminist Activism
Monday, May 28th – 4 PM – “Women between Passivity and Activism”; a workshop led by Sigalit Or, a researcher at the Hartman Institute.
Tuesday, June 5th – 10 AM – Empowerment of women in the Haredi community: Miriam Belin from “Hatzala” and “Hosen”.

Israeli Politics and other lectures
Tuesday, May 29th – 5 PM – “Resistance as a Strategy in Palestinian Society”: Dr. Clinton Bailey, an expert in Middle East Studies
Wednesday, June 6th – 5:30 PM – Unity Day in the tent – a discussion and singing with Yael Decklebaum


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