Tiyul-Rihla – A day trip with Palestinian women

This week some strong and brave Palestinian and Israeli women met for a very moving trip.
The coordinators of the Team for Ties with Palestinian Women reported:
In coordination with the organization “Tiyul -Rihla- Trip”, we organized a fascinating trip for 18 Israeli women and 18 Palestinian women.

rihla - day trip with palestinian women

The day began with picking up women at the checkpoints; from there we went on to Gedera for an authentic Ethiopian meal with an explanation of Ethiopian traditions. The Palestinians women pointed out similarities with their own customs! We then drove to the beach at Ashdod where we talked and got to know each other; the tour guides told us about the historic background of an ancient structure which is connected to both nations. We then drove to the Negev to the Wadi Attir Project – with exciting explanations from Ghadir Hani, a member of WWP. 

This is the second trip for this group; many of the women already knew each other and this enabled us to deepen our acquaintance in a respectful atmosphere despite the complexity of the situation.