Updates from the International Peace Day Rally

Shani, Sabil and Roi from the Young Women’s Chapter of WWP want to see their future here and want to be sure it is a future of peace and security; Vivian, Monika and Rachel from the area bordering Gaza are no longer willing to live in a reality of sirens and incendiary balloons; Hyam, Manaar and Kifaya are not willing to give up on cooperation and equality; Nina , who came with her two small children, in order to carry out the basic promise of every mother to protect her children; and 96 year old Rachel who came once again to march with us because with her wisdom from experience she knows that one cannot give up on hope . All these women and thousands of others gathered together on Thursday in Jerusalem.

Together we marched, hand in hand, alongside of the walls of the Old City and through the streets of Jerusalem , thousands of women, men and children from Beersheva, Akko, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Yarka, Eilat, Beit Tzafafa, Alei Zahav, Kfar Saba, Lod, Saad and many other towns. We sang We Shall Overcome with great force and belief in Hebrew, Arabic and English (the full clip will be ready soon!); we called for promoting a political agreement. Yes, it is possible! This is the only way – the only way towards a better future for all of us: a future of peace and security, cooperation and equality.peace day girls

At the rally, we announced our future plans for the first time:
– The first International Congress of Women Wage Peace will take place on November 27th with experts from Israel and abroad. We will discuss various aspects of the conflict and will design creative ways to remove barriers to peace. Young people from Israel and abroad are invited to participate – young people who are the future generation of leaders. Save the Date!

-In the next few months we will promote a proposal for the Law of Political Options First! The purpose of this initiative of WWP is to obligate the decision makers to consider political alternatives to resolve the conflict by using resources of time, attention and money. This proposal is the realization of: “Seek peace and pursue it”.

Your support is important ! Please add your name to show your support for the proposal: : https://goo.gl/forms/SjQRg8w01AjoKBSC2

We will continue to act throughout the country, to be present at the Knesset every week, to stand at intersections and to keep waging peace! We are not stopping without an agreement