We’re back at the Knesset!!

After 3 years, 4 rounds of elections and Corona , women in white and turquoise were seen in the hallways and the plenum once again.
Last week we met with Knesset member Gaby Lasky from Meretz who said:
“You carry out in the purest way the message of the Israeli Declaration of Independence which calls on us to reach out for peace”.
We returned to the Knesset to remind everyone that we are not stopping without an agreement; we will do everything possible so that his Knesset will sign the long awaited peace agreement.

May every mother know

Knesset member Emilie Moatti (Labor Party) and Women Wage Peace will held  a conference at the Knesset re our bill:

Political Alternatives First – the law that can prevent war.

This is another important step in promoting the bill before the vote in the Knesset.
The conference will take place at the Knesset on Wednesday, November 24th at 9 AM.