Women Wage Peace…In Berlin / Orly Gold Haklai, Times of Israel blog, 11.11.18

I just got back from Berlin. My colleague and I, Dr. Rehab Abed Elhalim, represented the Women Wage Peace movement at the “Canaan” conference hosted by the German foreign ministry, for 20 Israeli and Palestinian women working towards peace.orly-rihab in berlin The conference consisted of workshops to promote understanding and brainstorm together on how to move forward towards a solution to the conflict, building on the 1325 UN Security Council resolution (on which Israel is signed), calling for the equal participation of women in efforts for the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. The highlight of the conference was a formal event, where Rehab and I addressed members of the German parliament and the foreign ministry. We also met German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. He was very encouraging, saying that he knows about the movement, our work is important and to keep going.



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