WWP reaction to recent events in Gaza

During this difficult time, we, Women Wage Peace, are united in our demand to promote a political agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, because an agreement can guarantee calm and security over a long period of time.
We are a broad and diverse movement with members who are Jewish and Arab, religious and secular, voters on the right, center and left; we hold different views and perceptions about the difficult situation in the area bordering Gaza. Some of us live in this area; some of us are mothers of soldiers who stayed at their posts during the holiday; some of us have friends in the Palestinian Authority. Despite the differences among us, we make every effort to find whatever we have in common. We all pray for peace; we all love our country and hope for calm and security. We call on our leaders to act NOW, to return to the negotiating table and to include women in the process – we are not stopping until there is an agreement.