WWP reaction to the Deal of the Century

The Deal of the Century certainly raises the issue of the Israel-Palestinian conflict to the public agenda, after years of saying that it is impossible to make progress and that our generation will not see an agreement. The American plan is different in its outlook from previous plans to resolve the conflict. We in Women Wage Peace will do everything possible to support any proposal which will promote negotiations towards a mutually accepted agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, but not unilateral steps which might bring about new rounds of violence, hate and loss of life. We call on all the leaders to take advantage of this opportunity when the issue has been raised, and to immediately begin a process of dialogue and negotiations, to include women in the process, and to make every possible effort to reach an agreement that is accepted by both sides

In the days since the announcement of the Deal of the Century, there have been daily red alerts in the South, missiles from Gaza followed by Israeli reactions.
A three week old baby was hurt when her mother ran to the shelter; incendiary balloons land in Israel on a daily basis; Sabbath meals have been interrupted; nights without sleep on both sides.
All this is happening while the Western Negev is blooming with anemones.

Last week we stood once again at intersections with a clear message: “Only a mutually accepted agreement can bring about peace.” and we will be back at intersections and bridges around the country with the same message on Friday 14.2.20.

We call on the leadership to engage in negotiations before implementing any unilateral actions; this is the only way to reach a respectful agreement which can bring peace and normalization to the region.