Yael Deckelbaum in a press conference for La Notte Della Taranta Festival, Italy, 26.8.17

“This year, the main subject for “Notte De La Taranta” festival, is Peace. Here are a few words I said in the press conference yesterday. I am truly humbled by the fact that tonight I will be singing “Prayer Of The Mothers”, in front of 150,000 people, together with artists that I admire: Suzanne VegaGregory Porter,Loredana CaponeTim Ries, Prima Ballerina of Milano: Nicoletta Manni. And will also share the stage with, Pedrito Martinez Group musical director Raffaelle Gualazzi, Thank you for inviting me to share the message of women wage peace. May tonight be a magical transending experience for us all.” – Yael Deckelbaum.

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Gazetta Yael Deckelbaum 26.8.17