The young women’s chapter of WWP at the Women’s Parliament

The young women’s chapter of WWP was at the Knesset , for the Women’s Parliament,at the last meeting of the winter session. We met with Knesset members Merav Michaeli and Michal Biran from the Zionist Camp Party, and with Knesset member Yehudah Glick form the Likud. We talked about women, peace and security, about women’s discourse and about the revolution that we are making – a revolution of listening and including. We talked about the fact that the role of revolutionary women is to open the door to additional women and we remembered that 100 years ago women didn’t have the right to vote! Change happens and in another 100 years there will be peace and it will be difficult to remember that it was otherwise.
We sat at the plenary session to listen to the discussions and to remind the Knesset members: we’re here every week – from the north and from the south, in the rain and in a heat wave, from far and near. Every week we see the support that we get from Knesset members from a broad political spectrum. We’re here to wage peace! The Knesset will be in a recess, but we are not stopping until there is a political agreement.